Personal Tax Return Preparation in Columbia City, IN with an average cost of $75-$125

Price Comparison

One of the largest tax preparation businesses lists their starting price for professional tax preparation at $69 per federal return and an additional $59 for each state. That’s $128 to walk in the door with a W-2. If you have student loans, children, an HSA or a house you are looking at additional charges. This could bring your total closer to $350 dollars.

Here at JAJ the CPA we charge between $75-$125. That’s right, our highest price is below their starting price and you always work directly with a CPA!

Why should you use a CPA vs. Filing on your own?

The best reason is because we review the return and ensure that all the calculations are correct and that you are getting the largest refund available.

I was doing a final review of a return I was preparing for a client and noticed that one item was being miscalculated. Catching this error in the return increased the clients refund by almost $500!

One question not answered correctly ( or maybe not asked by the tax software) can literally reduce your refund by hundreds of dollars.

IRS Now accepting Returns

The IRS has begun accepting returns

Tax time is here

It’s that favorite time of year again, taxes!

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